INVESTOSPEED frequently Asked questions.

Question: If i Register on Investospeed today and I’m able to get my four(4) referrals today, when will I be paid?

Answer: You have Completed your referrals, which means you have Completed your task, Request for withdrawal and you’ll be paid within 24hours. If you don’t get paid, send a mail to us at admin@investospeed.com or use the Contact us page.

Question: After I’m being paid, what next?

Answer: After you’re being paid, your account will be deleted from our Server. Then you can register another account with us if you wish.

Question: Can I use the same Username to register again?

Answer: Yes, you can Use the same Username and the same details Provided it hasn’t been used by another Member.

Question: I have joined several platform and they ended up Scamming me, hope this won’t end up Scamming me?

Answer: We’re not here to Scam anybody, we’re here to Stay. We assure you, recommend Investospeed to your family and friends, we won’t disappoint you.

Question: I really want to register but I can’t refer. But you guys promise to get referrals for me, how’s that possible?

Answer: Yes, it is Possible. Users who Sign up from the website without anybody referring them will be placed under you.

Question: For how long with the website get referrals for me, because it is very rare for members to register through without anybody referring them.

Answer: Yes, we know and because of this we have discussed with our Coupon Code vendors.
We’re very concerned about those that can’t Refer, we want everyone to be paid and be paid.

Below is the Summary of what we discussed with our vendors and we agreed on.

All our vendors have a WhatsApp group, join the group , and try as much as Possible to bring in people to the group by sharing the group link. The vendors will collect your individual referral Link. Then new user registration will be placed under you serially.
No cheating, the earlier you Join the earlier you get referral.

Question: What if I joined the group late won’t I get referrals?
Nobody will register under me.

Answer: You will get referrals, all existing users will surely want to resubscribe, so they’ll be placed under you.

Let us do this team work…

Question: How do I join the vendors group?



Also in the future we’re planning to move the WhatsApp groups to telegram.

We’ll always keep you updated.

Question: I’m an old member, I wasn’t paid my earnings before the website was relaunched, what’s my faith?

Answer: We’re very Sorry for any inconvenience we brought upon you. We’ve previously updated a Post on that, Register on this new platform then whenever you want to withdraw we’ll refund your registration fee to you.

We have your details.
When you request for withdrawal, message the admin at admin@investospeed.com or use the Contact us page.
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